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    E-1811 Lining

    • Model:E-1811

    Product Introduction

    Detail introduction :

    Bridal Fabrics.

    Perfect for Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, and Bridesmaid Dress.
    Warp / Woof : 75 D x 75 D.    Width : 58"/60".    Weight : 75 gm / YD.
    100%  POLYESTER.   
    Machine washable, Dry clean, or Hand wash.

    Matters needing attention :
    Bale Packing:
    Please note that the rolls could be varied within few yards.
    The bill will be adjusted upon the actual yardage shipping.

    Product Remark

    * Colors can be adjusted into any color based on client’s request.

    * Colors displayed on the monitor maybe vary from the actual fabrics color. Please refer to the hangers or swatch
    in person.

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